What is Arduino and How to Use It

What is Arduino and How to Use It. For some people, sometimes there are those who still don’t know what Arduino is. Especially those who are not struggling in the field of informatics and electro.

Of course, they will be confused and curious about what Arduino means and uses. So in order not to be clueless, at least you also have to know what Arduino is.

What is Arduino? Arduino is a product from Arduino LLC which consists of software and hardware.

This product allows anyone to be able to create prototype electronic devices that can work automatically or with a control system.

According to Brainly, Arduino is an open source single-board micro controller from the wiring platform, which is specifically designed to make it easier for users to use electronic components in various fields.

What is Arduino and How to Use It

What is Arduino?

The essence of what Arduino is is a software and hardware that allows us to be creative and control electronic components as desired.

Examples include controlling DC motors, steppers, servos, LED lights, buzzers, relays, RTC (Real Time Clock), and HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors.

In addition, Arduino can also be used for data communication with other devices. Be it through a bluetooth connection with the HC-05 module, or through the internet network with the ESP8366 module.

You also need to know that Arduino software and hardware need each other. So that a project will be difficult to do if it does not fulfill these two elements.

Is Arduino a microcontroller?

If an Arduino can be used as a controller for electronic components, is it a microcontroller?

No, Arduino is not a microcontroller. But inside the Arduino there is indeed a microcontroller chip.

It might be more accurate to say that Arduino is a complex circuit board consisting of a microcontroller chip and several supporting components.

What does Arduino mean?

Actually the term Arduino is taken from the name of a bar in Italy, precisely in Ivrea.

The name of the bar was taken as the name of the platform because it was in that bar that Arduino makers and developers often gathered to discuss the project.

Arduino is Italian which if translated into Indonesian means “Brave Friend”.

Well, indeed Arduino is a good partner and dares us to experiment with electronic components.

What are the Uses of Arduino?

There are many uses of Arduino in everyday life. Some of them are making robots, monitoring tools, controllers, and making an electronic device that can work automatically based on sensor readings.

What is Arduino for?

Some examples of projects that you can make such as making automatic fans, automatic parking systems, monitoring pond water PH on smartphones, turning on household electronic devices on smartphones, and many more.

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Arduino has been the brainchild of thousands of projects and scientific studies across the globe for years.

Starting from beginners, robot enthusiasts, artists, programmers, to even professionals use Arduino as a learning instrument or for the purpose of developing electronic devices.

This is inseparable from Arduino which is equipped with libraries. So it is much simpler, simpler, and easier to tinker with.

Arduino has been specifically designed to be easy to use.

Be it by teachers, students, designers, architects, or anyone interested in creating and developing electronic devices that can be integrated with sensors and controllers.

What is Arduino Software?

The software on Arduino is called Arduino IDE. What is Arduino IDE software? It is software that functions as a text editor and has three basic functions, namely:

  • Writing Commands
  • Correcting commands
  • Uploading commands

To be able to use this software, you must first understand a little about the Arduino programming language, namely the C language.

But what distinguishes it from the C language in other applications is that the C language in the Arduino IDE has been simplified and equipped with libraries.

So don’t be surprised if coding in the Arduino IDE will be much easier and faster.

You can get the Arduino IDE application by downloading it for free on the official Arduino website, arduino.cc.

What is Arduino Hardware?

Hardware made by Arduino LLC is in the form of a board. What is an Arduino board? It is a circuit board that has been equipped with a special USB cable to connect it to a computer.

The shape of the Arduino circuit board varies. Some are small, medium, and large.

In addition to size variations, Arduino circuit boards also vary in terms of memory capacity, price, shape, operating voltage and much more.

In essence, the various variations on the Arduino board were created so that users can choose what type of Arduino they need based on the project they want to make.

The main function of the Arduino circuit board in a circuit is to control the function of the supporting electronic components connected to it.

Be it in the form of input devices such as sensors. As well as output devices such as buzzers, LEDs, and relays.

You can buy Arduino circuit boards at several well-known online stores in Indonesia. Just adjust which type of Arduino the price is suitable for your pocket.

What are additional Arduino components?

To create a project, of course, we don’t just need the Arduino IDE and the circuit board.

We also need additional components so that the project can run well. There are three types of additional components according to our version, including:

  • Input components, which are components that function to take measurements or read data where the results will be brought to Arduino for further processing. Examples are light sensors, distance sensors, and various other types of sensors.
  • Supporting Components, which are components whose function is to make it easier for us to create a circuit. Examples include jumper cables, breadboards, and pin male headers.
  • Output components, which are components whose function is to realize or provide output effects in the form of movement, light, sound, and so on. some examples of output components are relays, LEDs, buzzers, and LCDs.

How to Use Arduino?

Using Arduino to create a simple project is not difficult. Broadly speaking, the sequence of steps works like this:

  • Create a system design and how the tool will work like
  • Determine what additional components you want to use
  • Create a circuit consisting of an Arduino circuit board and some additional components
  • Connect the circuit board to a computer or laptop with a USB cable
  • Create a script or command (in Arduino IDE called a sketch) in Arduino IDE
  • Upload the sketch to the Arduino circuit board
  • Done, just do the testing and fix if there are any errors.


That’s the explanation from me about what Arduino is. Hopefully what I have said can be useful for all my friends.

If there is something that is not understood, please ask in the comments column. As much as possible I will answer very well. Thank you.