7 Reasons WordPress Websites Down and How to Fix Them

7 Reasons WordPress Websites Down and How to Fix Them.

Website down is not only annoying for visitors but also for you as a developer. Especially for those of you who use WordPress, and often experience down to log in, it will certainly be very annoying.

However, there is no need to be confused when you find your website down. The first thing to do is to check the cause of the WordPress website down. Once you know the cause, you can take preventive measures. So, how do you fix a down WordPress website? Find out more in this article.

What is Website Down?

Before we talk about what causes WordPress website down, and how to fix it, let’s first understand what website down is.

A website down is a failure to load a website, making it impossible to visit or access the site. Furthermore, a website can be claimed to be down, if it cannot be accessed completely by users.

As a visitor, of course this is very annoying, and also detrimental to the website owner. This is because, you will lose visitors and if this is not resolved immediately it will be a serious threat to business, especially in the era of digitalization like now.

7 Reasons WordPress Websites Down and How to Fix Them

Therefore, as a website owner or developer, you need to pay attention to website performance. So, visitors can still visit the website, reduce downtime, and can increase customer trust.

Consequences of Website Down

As discussed earlier, there are many consequences of a down WordPress website, one of which can disrupt visitor comfort. In addition, here are some bad consequences of a down WordPress website.

Decreased revenue

Frequent downtime will cause your website’s traffic to decrease, which can drastically decrease your business revenue.

Especially if the website already has a lot of traffic, it’s not impossible to lose revenue from adsense. Of course, these two things will have a bad impact on the continuation of the business being managed.

Website rankings go down

The most devastating consequence of a down WordPress website is that the reputation of the website is damaged, which will have a major impact on its ranking in search engines (SERPs), including Google.

Google will tend to ignore a website that is down for a long time, and will even consider it lost by the search engine. If it is not considered by Google, then the traffic and ranking of the website will decrease drastically. So, as a website manager, you should be aware of the possibility of downtime.

Loss of customer trust

Website is one of the most important media for business sustainability. However, what happens if the website keeps experiencing downtime? Potential customers who are initially interested in visiting the website, will prefer other businesses if they are constrained when accessing the website.

Causes of Website Downtime

As we all know, WordPress website downtime can be detrimental to your business, so it’s important for website managers to find out why. Here are some of the causes of website down that need to be considered.

High website traffic

The first cause of website down is high website traffic. Although, high traffic is the desire of all website managers, in fact, high traffic can also be one of the causes of downtime.

This is because the server resources cannot serve the client service, so the hosting becomes slow and eventually goes down.

To overcome the cause of website downtime due to high traffic, you can minimize it by choosing a quality hosting. Before using a hosting, make sure of its specifications, advantages and disadvantages.

DNS problem

WordPress website downtime can also be caused by DNS issues. The website can be accessed if the DNS is set correctly. This is because the DNS or Domain Name Server functions to facilitate internet communication with URLs.

If this function is compromised, the website won’t be accessible, even if you’ve typed the URL address correctly. Instead, an error message will appear in the browser.

DNS problems can be resolved by rechecking the DNS settings in cPanel, if there are still problems or a 404 error appears when the website is accessed, you can contact the helpdesk of the web server provider.

Hackers or malware attacks

The first thing to watch out for in managing a website is hacker and malware attacks on Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) which are often the target of attacks.

This attack can be one of the reasons WordPress websites go down. A DDoS attack will consume server resources and cause downtime.

To overcome this, website managers must increase website security, one of which is using website security plugins.

Data center goes down

The next cause of website downtime is because the data center is down. This is because the data center is the place for synchronization, data backup, and other data processes. Of course, when the data center experiences problems, it will affect the performance of your website.

When the data center is down, to solve it, you can contact the hosting service provider to immediately solve the problem. Another way is to maintain data center uptime to minimize if the website experiences downtime.

Single Point of Failure

What is a single point of failure? Single point of failure (SPOF) is a weak point in the system used. If a failure occurs, it will automatically cause a failure, failure or error to cause the entire website system to stop.

The only way to overcome SPOF is to choose the best software and hardware, and design a good plan.

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Server Maintenance

One of the most common reasons WordPress websites go down is due to server maintenance. Usually, this maintenance is done regularly to update features and hardware. During maintenance, your website may not be accessible for a certain amount of time.

If maintenance happens, you need to wait for the maintenance process to finish until the website can be accessed again. How to overcome this can also contact the website server provider immediately.

Error in coding

The last cause of website down is usually because there is an error in coding. These coding errors are not to be taken lightly, as they can mess up the overall look of your website.

To prevent your WordPress website from going down due to a coding error, you need to know which code is in error. Usually, a Syntax Error notification will appear on WordPress, so it’s best to fix it as soon as possible.

Make your website downtime-proof

So, those are the 7 causes of WordPress website downtime and how to fix them. A down website can have a significant impact on your business. After all, a website is one of the business media that is usually used for marketing or company profile. One way to minimize website downtime is by choosing the best WordPress hosting.